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偷拍自怕亚洲视频在线观看By: AJ Powell, US Army (Ret)

90 Days of veteran-based short readings intended to motivate, inspire, and guide the growing leader along their journey toward purpose-driven self-betterment.

The journey to success, the road to achievement, the path to greatness, is filled with hardships and adversity, raging storms to weather, vast oceans to cross, and mountains with no summit blocking your path. Your willingness to take up the journey, knowing full-well these things, is what sets you apart, and your drive to achieve despite them is what makes you exceptional. Yet you can’t make it alone, and you know it…

Drawing from time-tested knowledge, experience, and subject-matter expertise that military veterans gain from operating and exercising leadership in the harshest and most demanding environments on the planet, Tactical Pause brings together a collection of short readings anyone can use to apply toward their own daily personal and professional development – essential to the core of Leadership Development.

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