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Home Improvement

Eichler Air Conditioning
The cool concept behind mini-split HVAC—a quiet, compact, energy-efficient option
Shake, Rattle...and Retrofit
Protecting your home and family against the next major earthquake


Two with a View
Often misunderstood, Eichler’s original two-story homes are a rare breed that startle some, but surely please their owners
Cozy, Cordial & Cooperative
Palo Alto’s Meadowcreek Eichler condos—wheretight quarters make for a tight-knit community vibe


Signature Singular Sparks
Using fantasy, surprise and whimsy, Carter Sparks' lively homes are like nothing else
Dreamscapes of Elegance
Charles Schridde and the mid-century ad men of Motorola—staging the greatest modern homes the world has never seen